• Client: Smalkworks
  • App Category: Games - Trivia
  • Platform: iOS
  • Publish Date: 2020
  • Highest Chart Rank: #5 in Paid Trivia
  • Download Link: App Store
  • Website: triviapoker.app


Pete, the founder of Smalkworks, missed the friendly competition of his regular Pub Quiz evenings due to the pandemic. So he decided to try to recreate the idea of some friendly competition inside of a fast-paced Trivia Game app.


So after looking at some of the top games in the App Store for inspiration, he came up with a unique take on Trivia, where like in Jeopardy, you make a wager on how confident you are in the answer after seeing the initial clue. Pete's initial developer for Smalk App was busy with other projects, so he reached out to another developer who was recommended to him by a friend.


After the Product Requirements Doc (PRD) was shared with the developer, it only took 2 months to get to a working prototype. It took a little bit longer than his first app as the game play was more advanced than that in Smalk.

So far, the app has been positively received and rose up the Trivia charts after receiving 124 Upvotes on Product Hunt.

Initial Reviews

"It's like Texas Holdem Poker and Final Jeopardy's love child."

Technologies & Services Used




Development & Design:

Font Awesome

Adobe Stock

Google Docs